Raising the Roof

I have been asked time and time again, “Why are you making a garden on the rooftop?”

There are a multitude of reasons to put a garden on the rooftop of a building, but we will start with the most obvious- Open land for gardening in NYC is scarce and in demand. Even if there was a generous plot of land available for a garden, no one can really say how long it will be available for the garden. Putting time, money, and sweat into a garden seems impractical if a developer comes along wanting the land.

Home gardening has been a practice in some form since the 1800’s. From school gardening to surviving food shortage gardening has evolved to meet the needs to the people. Today’s community gardens are working to fulfill the need for education in nature, community revival, artistic expression etc. Since gardening has withstood the test of time, why should a shortage of land stop it? As of 2013, Chicago boasted 359 rooftop gardens.

The EPA has identified numerous reasons as to why A green roof holds the possibility of reducing energy need (this could mean a lower energy bill for you!) because it acts as insulation for the building it is upon. Saving energy should be a sufficient enough reason to invest in a rooftop garden, but the benefits do not end there!


There have been countless studies documenting the effect of gardens on wellbeing. Just a few sources that have boasted this are BBC, the EPA, the journal Social Science & Medicine, and the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources from the University of Delaware among many others. Maybe having a beautiful green oasis as far away as your rooftop isn’t so crazy.


Want to have a cheaper heating bill AND a healthier life?! How about in addition to all of that, you have fresh fruits and vegetables available just floors away.


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